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  • Games4Sustainability

    Games4Sustainability platform is a guide to making your sustainability message more compelling and accessible by employing games and social simulations. […]

  • Nature Cards

    Nature Cards are a collection of cards featuring strategies from the natural world that inspire us with a new mindset […]

  • CarboScen

    CarboScen was developed as a tool which computes the amount of carbon stored in a dynamic landscape. If land use […]

  • Crowther Map

    Crowther Lab has provided an interactive map with environmental and ecological layers to explore. With this map, you explore the […]

  • Restoration Evidence

    Restoration Evidence provides a database of the wealth of evidence for the effectiveness of ecological restoration management actions. It aims […]

  • Soil Navigator (EU)

    The soil has a key role to play in terms of combatting climate change, feeding 10 billion people in 2050, […]

  • OpenLandMap

    OpenLandMap is an open source map displaying the world’s environmental data (land cover, vegetation, soil, climate, water, terrain, and more). […]

  •’s Storytelling Guide

    Successful communicators of landscape projects do not tell stories about their projects. They tell the stories through their projects. This […]

  • A How-To Guide for Blended Finance

    The How-To Guide for Blended Finance is a practical guide for Development Finance and Philanthropic Funders to integrate Blended Finance […]

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Am extremely happy receiving such great inputs and inspiration. Am a natural resources manager, and I was looking for refilling the huge gaps that professionals like me usually have in the field of business and financing strategy. In particular, the incredible amount of reading material have been great, and I will go deep into them over the next weeks. Thanks again for such a great opportunity!

a natural resources manager

Thank you very much for your contribution and the way of instructing us through distant. I am now working as a Project Coordinator in a Climate Change Adaptation Project in hilly areas of Nepal and I needed much knowledge on restoration of degraded land and the hill ecosystems then I got this website searching the course. I tried other courses however I choose this course restoration of the land and the problems of degradation recovery with business plan completely new idea for me.

Project Coordinator, Ministry of Forests and Soil Conservation Kathmandu, Nepal