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  • 4 Returns Monitoring

    This overview gives you a quick snap-shot of how the monitoring of your initiative could be structured in line with a 4 returns approach.

  • Greener.LAND

    A tool to find and learn about interventions to restore your landscape according to your specific use of land and the environmental conditions of your area.

  • Maps Altiplano Estepario in Spain

    Here are provided maps from the Altiplano Estepario landscape of Southeastern Spain. This landscape is where AlVelAl, a 4 returns […]

  • The Lean Validation Playbook

    The authors wrote this free playbook in order to help entrepreneurs gain a deeper understanding of their product and whether […]

  • The business model innovation grid

    This grid aims to inspire businesses to reconsider how they operate and to become more future proof. To grab the […]

  • Theory of change

    The Theory of Change Academy, as a part of Changeroo, provides tools and publications on a variety of topics which […]

  • The value of soil

    This video illustrates the value of soil and the need to assess the value of inaction and the benefits of […]

  • The top 10 sustainable business stories in 2017

    A Harvard Business Review sharing general information and inspiration for business ideas. Submitted by: Jan Meertens, RSM

  • The threat of invasive species

    This resource explains the threat invasive species pose to an ecosystem. Submitted by: Katrín Björnsdóttir, UNU-LRT

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Am extremely happy receiving such great inputs and inspiration. Am a natural resources manager, and I was looking for refilling the huge gaps that professionals like me usually have in the field of business and financing strategy. In particular, the incredible amount of reading material have been great, and I will go deep into them over the next weeks. Thanks again for such a great opportunity!

a natural resources manager

Thank you very much for your contribution and the way of instructing us through distant. I am now working as a Project Coordinator in a Climate Change Adaptation Project in hilly areas of Nepal and I needed much knowledge on restoration of degraded land and the hill ecosystems then I got this website searching the course. I tried other courses however I choose this course restoration of the land and the problems of degradation recovery with business plan completely new idea for me.

Project Coordinator, Ministry of Forests and Soil Conservation Kathmandu, Nepal