Soils Revealed is a platform for visualizing how past and future management changes soil organic carbon stocks globally. It is based on the best, and sometimes only, available soil data, information about the environment and computer simulations over time. Projections for the coming decades are based on scenarios issued by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

The platform provides a novel and dynamic way of displaying, and comparing areas with greatest potential to increase soil organic carbon and advance food security, soil health and climate action. Potential partners are encouraged to join this international effort to help gradually improve the platform.

In this map, you can:

  • see past estimates, current numbers, and future projections of the soil organic carbon in any place in the world;
  • explore future projections based on IPCC scenarios;
  • add layers;
  • explore different areas by drawing them out on the map.


The project involves collaboration with the following partners:

and it is designed and developed by Vizzuality.

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