This overview gives you a quick snap-shot of how the monitoring of your initiative could be structured in line with a 4 returns approach.

To support implementation of your 4 returns, 3 zones, 20 years interventions in a given landscape it makes sense to define what your long-term 20 year outcomes are. A dot on the horizon. The 4 returns outcomes do not differ greatly per geography in case your work is shaped and geared toward delivering on the 4 returns over 20 years’ time. At an aggregated global level, the progress made in the landscapes can be measured against the same 4 returns outcome levels.

Despite their similarities, though, it is impossible to apply detailed indicators across landscapes given the differences in context and bio-physical elements. Therefore, the 4 Returns Monitoring framework provides overarching outcomes that apply across the landscapes, while context-specific domains and indicators can be localized per landscape.

4 Returns Outcomes descriptions:

  • Inspired & connected people (inspiration): People are aware of the opportunity of landscape restoration, feel inspired about the 4 returns approach, and start 4 returns initiatives.
  • Strong communities & networks (social capital): The community in the landscape is supported by new job opportunities, a strengthened set of skills, and by an effective community network.
  • Improved Holistic Land Management (natural capital): Sustainable land use management practices result in improved land conditions (in terms of soil, biodiversity, water, and vegetation quality and availability).
  • Local economy (financial capital): A 4 returns landscape is capable of attracting new (additional) funding for 4 returns initiatives or existing funding within a landscape is channeled toward 4 returns initiatives.

4 Returns Outcome indicators:

  • Outcome indicator Return of Inspiration: Combined number of people aware of the opportunity of landscape restoration, participated in the 4 returns approach, and start 4 returns initiatives.
  • Outcome indicator Return of Social Capital:  (In)direct employment rates, entrepreneurial skills and social landscape network(s) have increased and/or improved.
  • Outcome indicator Returns of Natural Capital: Number of hectares (# ha) under improved management (aggregating the progress made on soil, water, biodiversity and/or carbon).
  • Outcome indicator Return of Financial Capital: Increased flow of funds toward 4 returns initiatives in the landscape can be shown over time (grant and commercial).