The How-To Guide for Blended Finance is a practical guide for Development Finance and Philanthropic Funders to integrate Blended Finance best practices into their organizations. As explained in the Guide, Blended Finance is the use of these two streams of funding to mobilise private capital flows in emerging or frontier markets.

The Guide provides a simple step-by-step approach to ensuring that your organization has the necessary management and institutional arrangements in place to pursue a Blended Finance strategy. In summary, these steps are:

1. Understand your organization’s starting point
2. Build organizational buy-in and awareness
3. Formulate a preliminary set of goals and principles for Blended Finance
4. Assess gaps in organizational capacity for Blended Finance
5. Pilot Blended Finance deals with your new framework
6. Review lessons to build Blended Finance capabilities
7. Develop pipeline and deal execution capacity
8. Learn and scale up across your organization

The Guide was created by the ReDesigning Development Finance Initiative, a joint initiative of the World Economic Forum and the OECD, and is freely accessible online.