OpenLandMap is an open source map displaying the world’s environmental data (land cover, vegetation, soil, climate, water, terrain, and more). Within your web browser you can explore the different map layers displaying the various environmental themes across the globe and also across time. All of the data is also freely available via download.

Why make these data sets easily accessible? The project was developed with the belief that the value of data is in its use. Data sets tend to be widely used if they are relevant, easy to discover and obtain, free or nearly free, offer complete and comprehensive regional to global coverage, are current (high temporal frequency and frequently updated) and are of as high a quality (as correct) as possible. OpenLandMap intends to fill all of these criteria. is the web-mapping component of the LandGIS (Geographic Information System for land data). These are data services produced by the OpenGeoHub Foundation, a not-for-profit headquartered in Wageningen, the Netherlands. Try it for yourself!