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Bachelor of Agricultural Science

Start date: 30-05-2020

End date: 30-05-2020

Duration: Approximately 4 years

Organised by: University of Tasmania


  • Livestock


Agricultural Science graduates can be found all over the globe, in the government and private sectors working indoors, outdoors, in the lab and in the field. The degree gives you the opportunity to travel, work and provide innovative solutions to the problems facing agriculture. 

The Bachelor of Agricultural Science usually takes four years to finish and requires the completion of 32 units. 


The agriculture major includes study of the principles of food and fibre production and sustainability in a national and global context. 
In second year you are introduced to the study of insects and plant diseases, which leads into advanced study in integrated pest management, insect ecology and plant pathology. Similarly, the study of soils is introduced in second year and is then applied to agricultural landscapes and soil science in third and fourth year. 
Other specialist units of study include agronomy, horticultural science and animal science. 
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