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Discover the benefits of a soil carbon project and how to build Soil Carbon

Start date: 18-09-2020

End date: 18-09-2020

Duration: 9:00 am - 3:30 pm AEST

Organised by: AgriProve

Location: Vacy NSW 2421, Australia


Building soil carbon can improve the productivity and profitability of your farm, and you can be paid for the carbon you produce.

AgriProve facilitates landholder participation in the Emission Reduction Fund, and enables farmers to earn income from carbon abatement activities. The Soilkee will be used as an example technique to build soil carbon, by establishing new pasture management systems.

For registered attendees – please note that demonstrations will be held opposite the stockyards at the new bridge on Summerhill Road.

About AgriProve

AgriProve is Australia’s first one stop shop for soil carbon, taking farmers on the journey from building soil carbon in the field to selling carbon credits to governments and companies with carbon liabilities.

Our goal is to mainstream a farmer led, commercial model of soil carbon farming – regenerating agriculture and sequestering carbon at scale.  AgriProve enables farmers to generate income from carbon abatement activities and secure viable returns in the Australian market.

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