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Helping drought issues on horticulture sites using soil health principles

Start date: 02-07-2020

End date: 02-07-2020

Duration: 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Organised by: Organic Growers Alliance



Bring your rotations to analyse, get feedback and some practical tips to help you through the dry spell. Topics include soil health principles, plant nutrition, trials and monitoring.

Speaker – Niels Corfield

On a mission to create regenerative farms and landscapes in the UK and Europe, Niels focuses on agroecological systems that are low maintenance and productive. He offers specialist advice and training on: soil health, planned grazing, agroforestry and whole farm planning. He designs agroforestry systems and whole farm plans. In his work on soils monitoring, he has helped to develop the Soilmentor app & website, and helped co-ordinate the PFLA’s Monitoring the Pulse of Soils under Pasture project.​ He produces soil- and pasture health reports and coaches farmers and growers as they transition to regenerative practices. His clients include Southanan Estate, Fir Farm, Dora’s Dairy, Birch Farm Woolsery and Fosse Tillery Farm, Durie Farms Estate.

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