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Regenerative cannabis in the Northeast: a virtual event

Start date: 03-08-2020

End date: 03-08-2020

Duration: 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm EDT

Organised by: Northeast Sustainable Cannabis Forum

Location: Massachusetts, USA


Regenerative Cannabis Farming in the Northeastern United States Webinar and interactive discussion with Massachusetts Cannabis Farmer Ted Dobson.

While cannabis farming has existed informally for decades in the northeastern United States, legally licensed farming of cannabis is an emerging opportunity. Organic farmer Ted Dobsonhas been farming cannabis for about 40 years, long before it was legal. In 2019 he completed the first successful season of legally licensed cultivation on his farm in Sheffield, Massachusetts.

Ted will share his experience as a pioneering farmer transitioning to the licensed market. He will discuss the wet New England climate, and the feasibility of sun grown and carbon farming strategies in addressing the global climate emergency, as well as issues relating to pesticides and water.

After the presentation, members of the audience will discuss the prospects for regenerative cannabis farming in the northeast:

  • Can the barriers to entry be lowered to support organic and regenerative farmers of the region?
  • Can regenerative cannabis strategies support racial and social justice?

Cosponsored By: Cannabis Center of Excellence, Inc., Clean Water Action, Northeast Sustainable Hemp Association, ECHO for Sustainable Development, ELEVATE Northeast, Massachusetts Sustainable Cannabis Coalition.

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